Some scenes from our weekend + Jack's First Wedding

We are in Pensacola for 10 days (!!!) enjoying the sun, the waves, and the sugar white sand. I will be back to share some photos from our beach vacation, but I couldn't resist sharing the photos from my cousin's wedding right away. Jack was the ring bearer and did a shockingly good job holding hands with the flower girl, Chapel, and walking down the aisle...the only mishap occurring when he got to the end of the aisle- he stopped, turned around, and chucked the ring pillow back down the aisle with a huge laugh almost as if he had been planning that bit the whole time! At least it provided some comic relief! My cousin, Heather, was a beautiful bride. The wedding was a blast...a good band with lots and lots of dancing, great food (mmm....shrimp and grits!), and an amazingly fun photo booth!

20120415-113037.jpg Rehearsal dinner...amazing weather, the sunset during the cocktail hour was breathtaking!

20120415-113054.jpg A pre-wedding snack break on the car seat.

20120415-113100.jpg Loving the seersucker and pink bow tie and those curls!



20120415-113151.jpg We didn't get many family photos with our camera, but I at least grabbed a shot of Mom, Dad, and Jessica during cocktails.




20120415-115638.jpg Note that his feet are not even touching the floor...Jack danced like a wild man for hours including quite a bit of stage jumping and falling down!


20120415-121143.jpg Photo booth pictures... We took full advantage and visited it several times! Such a cute keepsake from the night.