Pin It!, now I am officially hooked to another online social media site. I've managed, despite the persistent pleas and urges, to stay away from Facebook, but I absolutely cannot resist the lure of Pinterest! Have you guys tried it? I could seriously pin from morning to night and I almost stooped to an all-time low over the weekend by introducing the "pinning game" to Jack. I didn't do it...yet...but I, admittedly, think he would love scrolling through the fun things for kids and eyeing all of the delicious looking food.

I have boards ranging from fun party ideas to things to wear to's so incredibly addictive! Here are a few of my recent pins:

20120304-022347.jpg My absolute dream home and backyard...ABSOLUTE dream!

20120304-022354.jpg An amazing tabletop light display created with Mason still my southern heart!

20120304-022400.jpg A fun, yet stunning polka dot cake.

Are you on Pinterest? Let me know, so I can follow you. And, follow me too...I can be found there under- browngoatblog.