20120203-024240.jpg As promised in my post sharing photos and details of Jack's Big Boy Room , here's more on one of our most favorite toys...


Animalz are the award winning animal toys, designed in Australia, made from sustainable wood and textile products. I have loved these little animals, who bend in all different poses, even before we had Jack! When I was expecting, I started our Animalz collection and even had a dear friend (Thank you, Lara!) who purchased some of the Arctic animals for Jack as a baby gift.


At $9 a piece, these animals can put a dent in your piggy bank, but, oh my, they are so worth it! Because they are wooden (made from a wood known as "needlewood" a fast growing tree harvested in a forest plantation) and hand painted, they are perfectly charming and provide cute decor for a baby room (A link to my post about Jack's baby room which featured lots of Animalz on his shelves. Although you can't really see them in the photos, I promise that they are there!). So, if you also love these little guys or want them for your future children, perhaps you should start collecting them now! Jack has loved playing with them for a while now and it's fun to watch his imagination and pretend play skills grow while using these sweet figurines. I hope they will be a toy that he will want to pass on to his eventual children!


We are excited to start collecting some of the new prehistoric collection as Jack's interest in dinosaurs is just starting to take-off. If you are looking for a gift idea for little ones (or us... hint, hint!), these promise to bring a smile to faces young and old.

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