Desserts That Have Me Dreaming...

Totally Sweet: 101 of America's Most Crazy Awesome New Desserts from Grub Street New York... Among my top favorites (And, yes, I did look through all 101 of them because food stuff is what I live for...and, who doesn't love day dreaming about amazing deserts??! You should indulge in the slide show too...I highly recommend):

20120226-025744.jpg The Hawaiian Pie from A la Mode Pies, conveniently located in Seattle directly across the street from the zoo! A trip here is being added to our March itinerary!

20120226-025752.jpg S'mores Milkshakes..."shot glasses containing graham-cracker ice cream milkshake, chocolate marshmallows, and miniature open-face s'more"...oh my!

20120226-030152.jpg Squash Bread had me at "cinnamon ice cream and bits of bacon brittle"...

20120226-030700.jpg 'World Peace' Peanut-Muscovado Milk and Milk-Chocolate-Sesame Crunch...yum!

*all photos from Grub Street New York