Scenes from Our February Vacation Week

David's week of vacation already seems like it was months ago! We had a lot of family fun going to the farmer's market, meeting friends for dinner, taking walks, playing on playgrounds, going to the bookstore and cafe for drinks, and visiting the zoo. Then, David and I enjoyed a little grown-up time, thanks to Aunt Laura and Gray who stayed with Jack. We had a date in Seattle and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Matt's in the Market and the following day, we went to Crystal Mountain for an overnight surgical retreat and David was able to get in a bit of snow boarding. It was good fun...I just wish it was longer! Here's a few pictures...

20120204-023517.jpg20120204-023531.jpg 20120204-022101.jpg *photos taken at University Village Farmer's Market, Jonboy Caramels, the booth located in the far left of the bottom photo, is one of our new culinary obsessions. Made right here in Seattle...boy (wink), they are SO good! We each sampled a different flavor, out of 4 selections-Jack had molasses ginger, David Absinthe with Black Salt, and I, the Valentine's special, a rose flavored caramel. They were perfectly buttery with just the right amount of sweetness and chewy without sticking to your teeth. I was so disappointed when my small bite was gone. I'm already looking forward to our next Farmer's Market outing so we can grab a box to bring home!

20120204-023845.jpg20120204-023918.jpg 20120204-023900.jpg 20120204-024045.jpg20120204-024055.jpg20120204-024132.jpg *photos taken at Dahl Park

20120218-020552.jpg *photo of Sadie enjoying the sun on our deck

20120218-020030.jpg20120218-020036.jpg20120218-020041.jpg *photos taken at the Woodland Park Zoo, posing with the bronze animal statues

20120218-020633.jpg20120218-020638.jpg20120218-020643.jpg20120218-020648.jpg20120218-020707.jpg20120218-020712.jpg20120218-020716.jpg *photos taken at Crystal Mountain