20120204-025713.jpg This past weekend, being the first of David's vacation week and the first one in which we've all been home together for quite some time, we were eager to get out of the house and enjoy our fun city! It certainly helped that the weather was sunny and beautiful, and not very cold. So, early on Saturday morning, we ventured out with a purpose, heading straight to Nook, a highly coveted biscuit shop in University Village.

Nook has been on my "places to eat" list for several months, knowing that I was creating big expectations for the much missed Southern breakfast staple. Also knowing that the whole family might be sorely disappointed if we didn't arrive early, because they make only a few batches fresh everyday, then they sell out. And, on the weekends they sell out early because the largely attended University Farmer's Market is directly across the street. I love this approach from a true artisan makes you feel special to score a meal there!



My expectations were met and exceeded. When we first walked up to the door a few minutes past nine, they we still closed despite the posting on the door that it open at 9am daily. We just took a short stroll down University Way savoring the fact that we live in a really hip city and being fed via our senses by the buttery biscuit smell streaming from their door. When we returned, we were only the second patrons there, but within minutes people were streaming in, filling the place comfortably.

We ordered at the counter from one of the very sweet, young owners (the other owner was right by her side preparing the food), then our food was brought out to us within minutes of settling into our corner booth by the window with our steaming mugs full of coffee. We ordered 3 biscuits to share- one with jam, one with tomato, cheddar, and egg, and the "breakfast sandwich" with egg, bacon, cheddar, and a perfectly sweet tomato jam. The biscuits were crusty on the outside, flaky and soft on the inside...a perfect bite of the south all the way up in the Pacific Northwest. This has made the list for "will return to soon" and we are already looking forward to it!