Jack's "Big Boy" Room

We count ourselves lucky to live in a house that has enough space to be able to create Jack's big boy room well before he needs it. We loved the idea of taking our time to create the perfect cheerful space where Jack feels free to play and will one day (soon!) be ready to sleep in. So, on a budget, we created this wonderfully bright and cozy room that we spend hours in each day. Jack loves it, and so do we! Here's a peak at Jack's corner of our home:

20120123-111922.jpg We opted for 2 twin beds in his room because I've always loved the idea of having a "friend" bed. Plus, having two beds has been extremely helpful as we currently use the room for our guests to sleep in. We purchased the beds at Ikea and love how they are close to the ground, making falls not so scary. Our matching transportation themed duvet covers also came from Ikea and I found the sheets at Target...they match perfectly despite being a different brand! We personalized the beds a bit with different pillows...the pillow cover in the above photo was a gift from our dear Aussie friends, it was mine when I was little. And, those alien-looking blue and green things on the table are the most rad night lights given to Jack from our dear friend, Lara. They get played with daily!

20120116-024336.jpg 20120116-024344.jpg 20120116-024350.jpg 20120123-111943.jpg We take pride in our vast original art collection. David and I both find that wall art makes such an individual statement and provides just the right amount of uniqueness to a room. The Virginia Highlands sign (the neighborhood where Jack first lived) was purchased by my mom for our home in Atlanta and it fits perfectly right under one of Jack's windows. The other art is a varied collection of pieces, in order of appearance: Turtle from Pensacola Arts Festival, David's when he was little Live What You Love letterpress print, from dear friends (Thanks, Debbi and Brandon!) when Jack was born, purchased from an Etsy seller as seen here Hand-painted personalized Jack frame, given my my parents Framed 1st birthday party invitation, framed by my Auntie Sharon Jean Miro print, a gift to me from David from our time studying abroad A hand-painted and penned poem written by David's great aunt to her little brother, David's grandfather, Jack's middle namesake

20120116-024227.jpg 20120116-024239.jpg Another Ikea purchase were the Expedit bookshelves that I arranged as a corner unit using a 2 shelf and 4 shelf pieces. I love the amount of storage space it creates and the fact that Jack can reach all the surfaces for easy access to his things. We use it for displaying books, extra blankets, piggy banks, picture frames and albums, and, of course, toys! The baskets are labeled with handmade tags for puzzles, cars, trains, and tractors, blocks, wooden toys, and balls.

20120116-024256.jpg 20120116-024308.jpg 20120116-024315.jpg These are a few of the extra special items on the shelves: An antique mini Radio Flyer wagon, given to Jack by Great Granny on his 1st Christmas A glass cookie jar filled with Anamalz, one of our most favorite toys- separate post coming for these special guys later Wooden fruits and vegetables cutting sets, 2nd birthday presents from Auntie Jessica

20120116-024429.jpg20120116-024440.jpg20120116-024446.jpg Probably my favorite part of the room is the tree! This was one of our snow day projects. My dad helped me to find a good branch when he was out for a visit and it's been drying out in the garage. I made and hung felt apples and pears and an owl on the branches, per Jack's request, and now it adorns a corner of his room, hanging over the "friend" bed. I think it makes his space even more unique and cozy.

Thanks for looking...more room posts to come. PS Happy February!