Things I'm Eyeing

20120114-070908.jpgStill loving these Minnetonka moccasin boots for Jack and these beaded ones for myself. L-O-V-E... P.S. They are currently on sale...!

I love the travel tales of a family of three on this blog. Makes me want to hop on a plane.

20120114-123331.jpg Swooning over this 1890 farmhouse right in the middle of LA! I love the modern feel and clean spaces and their use of the outdoors, like the useable zinc tub under the citrus tree pictured above...oh my, be still my heart!

20120114-074707.jpg Excited to have a two week stretch of time (perhaps this summer?!) when we can plan for three meals a day together. As soon as that time comes, we're looking forward to following Bon Appetit's Food Lover's Cleanse...the food looks amazing and the menu is put together so well!

These colorful, eco-friendly, non-stick sauté pans.

20120121-014727.jpg Moozle makes the most lovely kid's teepee tents...I especially love this one with the cute red toadstools.

I am trying to find the perfect place for this chalkboard wall decal. Would be the perfect spot for writing down the week's dinner menu...sure beats my current method of scribbling it down on a tiny sheet of white paper that floats aimlessly on our kitchen counter.

Absolutely love this Tree of Life poster...wouldn't it be cute in a child's bedroom or bathroom?

And, I have a craving for this delicious looking food from Skillet Street Food, both a diner and a street food vendor. They have Waffle and Fried Chicken Sundays!!! and Bacon Jam Bloody Mary's...yes, please!