Pregnancy and Newborn Mag- Organized Eats, A 7 Day Menu

20120113-015703.jpgDo you see that caption there in the bottom right corner...What to Eat This Week: A 7 Day Menu??? That's my article!!!...On the front cover of January's issue of Pregnancy and Newborn! 20120113-015719.jpg You may remember back in July when I wrote an online piece for the magazine...well, the menu captured enough interest that they extended the invitation to me for a print piece! 20120113-015725.jpg I'm over the moon with how it turned spans 4 pages! They even used some of my photos (see the table runner under the ravioli...that's mine!). 20120113-015745.jpg I love how they incorporated my information on vitamins...the sidebars really catch the eye and provide insight into why I chose the foods I included in the 7 day menu of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. 20120113-015750.jpg They gave me a lot of room to creatively produce a seasonal menu that I am proud of. I was even able to include some uncomplicated recipes. 20120113-015755.jpg For all my readers with child, and for those of you who are just interested, you can read the whole menu here. I hope you, and all the magazine's readers, find it to be helpful. It makes me smile (and blush, a bit) to think that there are women out there that I might be helping! Thank you again, Pregnancy and Newborn. And, for any other magazines that might be searching for nutrition writers (oh, I SO wish they were reading my blog!)...Ask me! Choose me! I would love to write more articles this year. 20120113-015800.jpg